Step into the world of Prophet Nicole Sewell, a multifaceted powerhouse who embodies the spirit of resilience, faith, and empowerment. With a journey that transcends labels, Nicole Sewell stands as a Prophet, Business Strategist, Kingdom Coach, and Educator, a trailblazer who leaves an indelible mark on everything she touches.

Walking in Prophetic Truth Prophet Nicole Sewell stands as a beacon of truth and authenticity. Operating with an unwavering commitment to the true prophetic gift, her insights are grounded in absolute truth. Her words have the power to transform, uplift, and guide individuals toward a deeper understanding of their purpose.


A Pioneer in Strategy Boasting over two decades of experience as a Business Strategist, Nicole Sewell’s impact is felt from the earliest stages of entrepreneurship. With an innate ability to nurture startups into success stories, her guidance has charted the course for countless businesses on their journey to excellence.


A Voice of Empowerment Nicole Sewell’s influence stretches beyond business strategy. As a dynamic Empowerment Speaker, she draws from her own life’s journey, a tale marked by triumph over adversity. From overcoming childhood abuse, rape, abandonment, and poverty, to emerging victorious from homelessness, the loss of a husband, and even the devastating loss of a child, Nicole’s journey is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit.


Champion of Education A visionary educator, Nicole Sewell holds the esteemed role of Chancellor at Emet Global Education Group. Her leadership extends beyond business and prophetic guidance, leaving an indelible mark on the future through her commitment to educational excellence.

Christian Coach

A Kingdom Approach to Coaching Nicole Sewell’s approach to Life Coaching is a harmonious blend of biblical wisdom and a Kingdom mindset. With every coaching interaction, she guides individuals towards aligning their lives with divine purpose, igniting a journey of personal and spiritual growth.

Enter the Realm of Transformation Prophet Nicole Sewell’s journey is an embodiment of triumph over adversity, transformation through faith, and empowerment that transcends barriers. Her legacy stands as an enduring testament to the power of unwavering belief, truth, and a profound connection to a higher calling.

As you step into the world of Prophet Nicole Sewell, you embark on a journey of discovery, empowerment, and transformation. Whether you seek business guidance, a prophetic voice, or a Kingdom-driven life coach, Nicole Sewell’s influence is a guiding light that will illuminate your path toward greatness.



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