Ministry and Non-Profit Strategies

Non-Prophet Development

Nicole Sewell provides ministries, churches, other non-profits, and ministry leaders, with strategic insight, advice, and professional services to aid success in achieving their kingdom vision and spiritual goals.

With the ability, agility, and expertise to take on visions of any size and budget, Nicole Sewell is able to work with ministry leaders to improve, transform or start up their new or existing projects. Mrs. Sewell is able to provide strategies in the area of:

  • Start-up and Formation
  • Establishing an online presence
  • Branding/Marketing
  • Establishing outreach and community involvement
  • Growing a healthy church or ministry the Godly way.
  • Leadership Development/Coaching
  • Strategizing leadership focus, ministry alignment, kingdom timing, and team development.
  • Fundraising Events
  • Available for preaching and teaching engagements

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