Pain to Peace Healing Webinar

I know things have not been the same, the home is not the same, watching movies are not the same, going out seems hopeless, the family is not the same and you’re not the same. Truth is, it will never be the same. My name is Nicole, and I miscarried my twin babies in 2016, my dog passed on in 2017, I lost my husband in 2018, and then lost my daughter on his one-year memorial2019. My world was totally shattered, and everything in my life changed in a moment.

You are left feeling lost, angry, hopeless, sad, depressed, and wanting to give up. I could go on and on about how you may have or may be feeling. You’ve replayed every moment of their passing in your mind over-and-over-and over to see what you could have done differently to save them. Only if I could have done CPR better, only if I was home, only if I’d call or keep calling, only if I had followed my gut, I saw this in a vision, I had a dream, and I knew something was wrong. Then come the “whys”. Why me, why my husband, why my wife, why my child, why my mother, why my father, why my brother, why my sister, why my baby? she was just a baby! and God, why God, WHY ME!

There is hope. I am living proof that joy and peace are possible after a loss. If you are suffering in the shadow of strength and you can’t seem to overcome; Let me help you discover joy and peace again and also teach you how to help others overcome through sharing your story. Let me help get you from pain to peace.